Why Vape

Vaping VS smoking




Not only this but when you think of the cost of smoking compared to vaping its a no brainier,
one pack of smokes cost $35+ for 40 last 1-2 days and vaping cost $$5.25-$10.50 per bottle and lasts a week or more

One month vaping costs

5.25 per bottle per week = $21 for the month possibly less depending on how much you smoke

One month smoking costs

$35+ per day = $245 per week which = $980 per month


You can go further with this math and go as far as you feel but keep in mined if you put your smoking money into a separate bank and buy liquid instead you can save $5,880 every 6 months that is a good holiday every 6 months for what you are spending in smokes, plus your body will not be breathing in thousands of harmful chemicals every puff.


Try quit smoking today your health and bank will thank you for it